The Importance Of The Right Chicken

Most meat animals are raised with the assistance of daily doses of antibiotics. Right now, it causes around 2 million deaths per year globally. By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause a staggering 10 million deaths a year. That fact alone is fairly intimidating and there is an amazing amount of research that explains that further….

Broccoli Salad

SERVES:  12 PREP TIME:  20 MINUTES TOTAL TIME:  1 HOUR CALORIES PER SERVING: 94 CARBS PER SERVING: 6g FAT PER SERVING: 6g PROTEIN PER SERVING: 2g INGREDIENTS 4 cup chopped, Broccoli, raw 2 cup, Chopped Red Onion 2 cup chopped, Celery, raw 12 ounces, Shredded Carrots 2 cup, Green, Raw, Fresh Cabbage DRESSING 4 tablespoon, Vinegar, Apple Cider…