This course covers the steps and design of salads and sandwiches as well as using our Mother Sauces for soups. These are topics that build a strong foundation for any aspiring chef or home cook. Completing this course will allow the student to apply these skills to their current cooking methods as well as allow a higher skill set for line and prep cooks.


Instructor will provide syllabus and all products needed. Student is expected to show up with hair up and out of their face, clean clothes and close-toed shoes. Aprons will be provided. Chef jackets are encouraged.


  1. Identify Various types of salads and their appropriate dressings
  2. Identify the four parts of a salad
  3. Describe the variety of breads, spreads, and fillings used in a professional kitchen
  4. Identify the three parts of a sandwich
  5. Describe clear soups
  6. Describe thick soups
  7. Describe specialty and national soups
  8. Identify appropriate garnishes for each type of soup

Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $75
Requirements: Intro to Culinary Arts Course