Meat & Poultry Fabrication



This course covers poultry fabrication, parts of the animals and how best to use each piece of meat. We will be fabricating a whole chicken. These are topics that build a strong foundation for any aspiring chef or home cook. Completing this course will allow the student to apply these skills to their current cooking methods as well as allow a higher skill set for line and prep cooks.


Instructor will provide syllabus and all products needed. Student is expected to show up with hair up and out of their face, clean clothes and close-toed shoes. Aprons will be provided. Chef jackets are encouraged.


  1. Identify and describe the composition of muscle tissue
  2. Identify and describe USDA inspection stamps
  3. Identify and describe the USDA grades of beef and poultry
  4. Identify and describe connective tissue and its affect on the finished products
  5. Identify the eight primal cuts of beef
  6. Identify and describe the six classes of poultry and the species within each class
  7. Distinguish between the light and dark meat of a chicken


Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $75
Requirements: Intro to Culinary Arts Course