Confectionery Arts



This course covers the design and production of artistic centerpieces made from confections. It provides knowledge of and basic skills in making decorative dining table centerpieces using food products such as cooled and pulled sugar syrup, isomalt, pastillage, marzipan and chocolate. The student will be instructed in the preparation of these ingredients and will construct center and showpieces after viewing demonstrations.


Instructor will provide syllabus and all products needed. Student is expected to show up with hair up and out of their face, clean clothes and close-toed shoes. Aprons will be provided. Chef jackets are encouraged.


  1. Prepare sugar syrup for sugar casting.
  2. Color and shade finished pieces.
  3. Make decorative flowers, ornamental items and birds from cast, pulled and blown sugar.
  4. Preserve the sugar showpieces.
  5. a. Explain the effects of humidity on the process and the product.
  6. b. Apply specific techniques to preserve showpieces.
  7. Temper couveture and make centerpieces for table display.
  8. Prepare and form pastillage into decorative table and buffet centerpieces.
  9. Prepare rolled fondant for cake enrobing.
  10. Prepare and form marzipan figures.

Content Outline and Competencies:

  1. Sugar
  2. Chocolate and Couveture
  3. Pastillage
  4. Rolled Fondant
  5. Marzipan


Each course length: 3 hours
Each course cost: $150
Each course requirements:  Speak with instructor