About RFL


The Real Food Laboratory was born out of desperation for a healthier life, a happier body and the sheer irritation of trying to research recipes but being unable to because of the mass volume of ads on each bloggers website.

You won’t find ads on our website, we won’t be tracking your movement throughout the site and there are no affiliate links!

I’m Chef Meaghan, and although I’ve retired from being a full time Luxury Chef, I’ll never truly lose that mentality or that skill. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of working in a kitchen. I’ll offer my experience, education and skills as a 18 year experienced Chef and you bring an open mind and positive vibes.

More importantly, and the entire purpose of this website, is the fact that I have Estrogen Dominance and a ton of medical issues that go along with that. In tracking back through my own medical history I’ve found that I’ve had this for at least 10 years and its effects have been running rampant throughout my body and causing havoc.

While I’m still developing the medical paper that documents this entire process, I’m using my culinary skills to build recipes that are seasonal, delicious, with varying complexities. My goal is simple, change the way I live, change my diet and understanding of food and save my own life.

There’s other people in the world who have Estrogen Dominance, all with varying degrees, and most without the answers or knowledge on how to help themselves.
This is my small way to help not only myself but others in the world like me. This website isn’t meant for everyone, since all of our bodies work differently, it’s meant for those of us who have Estrogen Dominance, a hereditary disorder that causes medical issues like:
Diabetes (Insulin Resistance)
Bone Loss
Mood Swings
Blurry Vision
Heavy, painful, and irregular periods
Cold hands and feet
Difficulty sleeping
Hair loss
Low libido
Memory issues
Brain fog
Thyroid diseases
Blood clots
Heart attack
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

Here are the main causes of Estrogen Dominance:
1) Hereditary
2) Overuse of Antibiotics
3) Some (not all) hormonal contraceptives
4) Poor Nutrition (all the sugar that companies have sneaked into our food without us knowing!)
NOTE: Obesity is a SYMPTOM of Estrogen Dominance, not of a poor lifestyle, so think twice before you judge someone.

My recipes will mostly fall into the Keto category, but you’ll find Paleo, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian as well. Although Keto itself calls for a high fat diet, which I and the medical research support, you’ll find I’ll still choose the healthy route and not take the lazy way by adding cheese and bacon to everything.
I don’t process dairy well so what I do add is quality over quantity.
Mostly I’ll be creating seasonal menus which are sustainable and better for you and the environment.

To the best of my ability these recipes will hit these goals:

-Fresh (not packaged)
-Little to no sugar
-Developed specifically to combat Estrogen Dominance
-No Ads
-No affiliate links
-Recipe will always be posted first! (no lengthy blog stories, seriously I cannot stand that!)

Look for my stamp of approval and you’ll know you’ve found the right place for the best recipes!